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Extreme Chokes Wrench

Extreme Chokes Wrench

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Change constrictions quickly using this stainless choke wrench designed by Extreme Chokes specifically for Kreighoff and Kolar shotguns, featuring split-barrels design. Here is the list of compatible 12 gauge shotgun models:

  • Krieghoff K-80 Sporter
  • Krieghoff K-80 Pro Sporter
  • Krieghoff K-80 Skeet
  • Krieghoff K-80 ASC
  • Krieghoff K-80 Trap Special
  • Krieghoff KX-5
  • Krieghoff KX-6
  • Krieghoff KX-6 Special
  • Krieghoff 28 Gauge
  • Krieghoff 20 Gauge
  • Kolar 12 Gauge

Note: Our Extreme Chokes wrench is not compatible with the Krieghoff factory chokes. Our Extreme sub-gauge choke wrenches are designed to work with our Extreme extended sub-gauge chokes and Kolar chokes only.

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